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Why Us?

Our founder Mr. Aryan Jain believes “Winners don’t do different things. Winners do things differently” And he manifests that by ensuring highest quality for every product. He wants the Indian market to experience the true luxury at affordable prices.

1. Brand with Affordable Luxury
We are that one brand with an unbelievable combination of utmost luxurious quality at affordable prices. We skip the usual route of middlemen, rather we believe in directly dealing with our customers. By removing the cost of middlemen at all levels of channel of distribution like production, sourcing, designing etc., we are able to reduce the net-cost of nearly all our articles.

2. Chic-inspired Designs
We have our own in-house design-creation team which works on every design thoughtfully and in a detailed manner. We build every design from a story-board which is intricately derived for every product line. So, our each and every product will be a unique piece-of-art.

3. Superior Quality Products
Our quality-testing and control team is very conscious for every product to be of utmost excellent quality. All our products are curated with intensive care and modernistic and updated technology to assure equalized quality for every product type.

4. Brilliant raw material
We only make use of finest material and resources for our every product composition. We use hi-tech updated technology to set our standards in comparison to our competitors. We also believe in using more of natural techniques and fibers to create our most of home-textile products. We strongly believe in using only premium combed-cotton for all our bed-linens.